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Barbara “Bambi” P.
Front Office Administrator

Originally from Hungary, Barbara first lived in London for years before making San Francisco her home. With her previous hospitality experience, Bambi enjoys helping people. She loves sunshine, warm weather and her cute French bulldog. During her free time, she likes hiking, walking with her Frenchie, and learning new things. Her nature of being super organized and detail oriented make her a wonderful asset for our office administration.

Ada Seto

Ada is native San Franciscan. After graduating from UC Davis, she continued to pursue dental hygiene as her career choice. On top of being an excellent, gentle, detail oriented hygienist, Ada also has a passion for cosmetics and makeup artistry. Patients absolutely love her great communication and hand skills.


Tuya L.
Dental Assistant

Tuya speaks both Hungarian and Korean after living in both countries for years. Originally from Mongolia, Tuya enjoys outdoor and has wide interests in different areas. She is also a big foodie and enjoys all types of cuisine. She brings her expertise of customer service from prior retail experience to the world of dental assisting. Her strength of being flexible and adaptable make her a great caring dental assistant.