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Welcome to Ann Wei Prosthodontist DDS

Dr. Ann Wei welcomes you to her private practice just steps from Union Square in the heart of downtown San Francisco. She is a specialized dentist in the advanced field of Prosthodontics. The field of Prosthodontics focuses on treatment of missing or deficient teeth, in addition to oral and maxillofacial tissues. Dr. Wei offers her patients the full spectrum of oral care, prevention & hygiene, restorative and cosmetic treatments, in addition to the capabilities that come with her prosthodontic training.

Dr. Wei has expanded her practice to include highly challenging aesthetic and functional dentistry. This often involves full & partial mouth rehabilitations, removable dentures, complex implant and crown/bridge procedures, orthodontic and various surgical treatments. As needed, Dr. Wei also works with other local specialists to ensure the best possible care and recovery for her patients.

Whether you are experiencing mild discomfort, complex dental problems, or just dissatisfied with your smile, Dr. Wei is here to help. She is accepting new patients so call today. Dr. Wei’s goal is to provide excellent and compassionate dental care.

Dr. Ann Wei

Dr. Ann Wei is a specialty dentist called a Prosthodontist. She focuses on complex dental procedures, including full mouth restorations. Her extensive educational training allows her to provide exceptional care for every one of her unique patients. Learn more about her background and skill set by clicking the link below.

“Dr. Wei has received over 250

reviews with 5 stars!

Client Testimonial More Reviews Over the last year, Dr. Wei has completed more than eight restorations. They all turned out to be very beautiful and very functional. Because of Dr. Wei‘s careful and gentle approach, I essentially experienced no pain during the procedures or afterwards. Dr. Wei personally designed some of my restorations. She designed them in such a way that ... Manuela C. Paul J. Client Testimonial More Reviews Phenomenal!!! Dr. Wei is a prosthodontist who specializes in very difficult dental restorations, implants, etc. She also teaches aspects of her specialty at UCSF School of Dentistry. While I was a dental student I had the opportunity to assist her in a particularly challenging implant case from start to finish. I can promise you this, besides ... Client Testimonial More Reviews Thank you so much for your responsiveness to my recent problem. Not only am I delighted with the cosmetic work that you did I don’t think that anyone could possibly tell this wasn’t a natural tooth, and the discomfort that I was having is completely gone. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the friendly, professional, and rapid care ... Allen M. Latita T. I received upper jaw implant treatment and some crowns in my lower jaw from Dr. Wei. I am very happy with the treatment outcome. At first, I was a bit hesitant with the treatment, but after discussing with her I realized it was the best option for me. Unlike many other dentists, Dr. Wei went into detail explaining to me the options and ... More Reviews Client Testimonial