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Independent review data shows that 98% of patients would refer friends and family to Dr. Wei.
Dr Wei. has also received over 250,5-Star Reviews!
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Paul J.


Dr. Wei is a prosthodontist who specializes in very difficult dental restorations, implants, etc. She also teaches aspects of her specialty at UCSF School of Dentistry. While I was a dental student I had the opportunity to assist her in a particularly challenging implant case from start to finish. I can promise you this; besides her outgoing, friendly and fantastic bedside manner, her knowledge, organization, attention to detail and hand skills are second to none.

A few months ago I was referred to Dr. Wei by my general dentist (another awesome dentist, Dr. Robert Ho) because I needed a special restoration which he doesn’t provide. I was excited to make contact with her again, but also a little nervous being on the other end of the drill. I felt compelled to write because the entire experience from beginning to end was an exceptionally pleasant one.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Wei. As her patient she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedures. She’s exquisitely gentle and vigilant about my comfort level at all times. She was never rushed, and it may sound funny coming from a dentist, but I enjoyed how she explained everything she was going to do before doing it. It made me even more relaxed because I was never surprised. I told her she would make a fantastic pediatric dentist!

Juneto D.

When I first met Dr. Wei at UCSF Prosthodontic clinic she approached me with her warm and friendly smile, I knew right there and then that she would give me the smile I’ve always. I felt like we had known each other before. She possesses excellent skill in dentistry. I was one of the most difficult cases she had. I was born with craniofacial anomaly and didn’t get any dental treatment until I was 21. My front teeth were crooked, had wide spaces between teeth and had some missing teeth in front and back. I’m a college student and having those problems affect me emotionally and mentally. I was very conscious about my looks and try to avoid to talk to my professors and to my friends in school. I was a mess inside and outside. There was just a lot of work to be done but Dr. Wei showed me her interest and sincerity to get my teeth fixed.

I’m amazed how detailed and how patient she is. She never let me leave the clinic without getting things right. She is very clear to which treatment best suits to my budget and to the long term health of my teeth. She gave me emotional support when there were times I felt frustrated about the whole process that I had to go through. Now, my new look is a far cry from what it was merely two years ago. I’m doing well in school and laugh and smile with my new friends whom I never thought I would have. I am really proud to say that Dr. Wei brings out my best looks and gives the best dental care I’ve ever had.

Latitia T.

I received upper jaw implant treatment and some crowns in my lower jaw from Dr. Wei. I am very happy with the treatment outcome. At first, I was a bit hesitant with the treatment, but after discussing with her I realized it was the best option for me. Unlike many other dentists, Dr. Wei went into detail explaining to me the options and what would be involved during the process. Her attention to detail and ability to diagnose impressed me. She also coordinated incredibly well with other specialists, making the process easy. I also like that she is very gentle and caring. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a quality dentist who is capable of providing comprehensive care.

Allen M.

Thank you so much for your responsiveness to my recent problem. Not only am I delighted with the cosmetic work that you did I don’t think that anyone could possibly tell this wasn’t a natural tooth, and the discomfort that I was having is completely gone. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the friendly, professional, and rapid care that you gave me; especially since I was a new patient. I don’t know if looking forward to seeing a dentist is an oxymoron but I’ll say it anyway, I look forward to my next visit!

Manuela C.

Over the last year, Dr. Wei has completed more than eight restorations. They all turned out to be very beautiful and very functional. Because of Dr. Wei‘s careful and gentle approach, I essentially experienced no pain during the procedures or afterwards.

Dr. Wei personally designed some of my restorations. She designed them in such a way that she preserved as much of my natural tooth structure as possible. Dr. Wei is a very kind and ethical person; she tries hard to please her patients, and she does not do unnecessary dental work.

I have countless fillings and restorations in my mouth, and as a result, I have been to different dentists in various parts of the country. Dr. Wei is, by far, the most skilled and talented dental professional I have ever met! I can recommend her highly! Dr. Wei is also a teacher and supervisor at UCSF Dental School, and she has her own website.

Terry C.

It was the second time I was starting an Invisalign program, so I can compare with my previous experience. Dr. Wei was the best for describing the options I had, including the length of time necessary and the price. She then gave me her opinion about what was the best for me. She makes time for her patients and is close to them. She made everything so easy for me, I feel very comfortable with the whole process. If it is time for you to get your teeth straightened, I highly recommend her.

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