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Ann Wei Prosthodontist DDS is the private practice of Dr. Ann Wei. She is a specialty dentist called a Prosthodontist. This means she has received additional education and can perform the most complex dental procedures and even full mouth restorations.

Her office is conveniently located in downtown San Francisco, next to Union Square. The office utilizes only the latest technology in order provide exceptional care to patients. Call (415) 518-4992 today if you would like to learn more about Dr. Wei and her services.


OUR practice

Prosthodontist Specialty

Dr. Wei has practiced dentistry since 2002. Her experience includes both hospital and private practice, with exposure to the widest variety of patients and dental challenges. Beyond training in general dentistry and prosthodontics, Dr. Wei has had extensive involvement in many other areas of dental care and is thus uniquely qualified in the effective execution and oversight of interdisciplinary patient care. The result is a team of practitioners and specialties that work well together to ensure exceptional care for the patient.

Thanks to Dr. Wei’s international background, she offers the experience of having treated thousands of patients from different cultures. Dr. Wei’s ability to communicate fluently in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin allow her to deal comfortably with patients from around the globe and make them feel at home here in San Francisco.

In-House Laboratory

Dr. Wei has her in-house laboratory, which is a critical component of providing superior patient care. This allows for better quality control and customization of procedures and materials. Also, getting that perfect esthetic look is something many dentists struggle with. To improve on this discipline, Dr. Wei is studying esthetic ceramics from world master ceramists. Providing dental services utilizing an in-house laboratory means better care for the patient and better esthetic outcome.

Relaxing & Welcoming Environment

From the moment that you arrive in our office, we will strive to make you feel at ease and home. Our team will do everything to make sure your day is disrupted as little as possible. Our spacious office provides calming views of downtown San Francisco. The interior is a sleek, contemporary, yet warm space making you very relaxed. Our goal is to make your care as pleasant as possible.

Comprehensive Patient Care & Focus

Dr. Wei believes the patients’ needs always come first. We are here to offer the time, information and dialogue necessary to understand each patient and to provide them the guidance they seek. During treatments, we take time during each phase to ensure the highest quality outcome possible. Whether a one-time visit or a long-term relationship, we always seek the best solution for the patient.