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Advanced Technology

Dr. Wei’s office uses modern and well-proven technology to provide the best care in the most efficient way possible. It includes:

  • Paperless virtual charts – no paper clutter, centralized patient information stored with security
  • Digital radiography – significant reduction in exposure radiation and increase in image quality
  • Intra-oral camera, digital SLR camera – accurate documentation, facilitating communication, diagnosis, and treatment planning
  • Operating microscope – ultra high magnification assisting detailed, complicated cases with precision
  • Nobel Biocare Procera CAD-CAM laser scanner – precise virtual planning and milling of customized dental implant abutments, sub-structures, bars and other components
  • Ostell implant ISQ – verification of implant stability, assessment for immediate load of implants
  • Erkoform 3D thermoforming unit – European technology in creating durable, biocompatible and functional night guard within shorter time than with traditional techniques
  • Porcelain furnace/pressing furnace – customization of ceramic shade, in-office ability to fabricate highly esthetic restorations
  • Sterisil water purifying disinfection system – a system to ensure the highest quality of water used for treating patients
  • Tuttnauer distiller – the highest quality distilled water made daily
  • Centralized filtering system – tap water in the office is filtered
  • Electric Handpieces – quality instruments to provide superior care
  • Digital Communication – email and text confirmations